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Four new products of hailunzhe passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements

four new products of hailunzhe passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements

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recently, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association organized the appraisal of four new products of hailunzhe company, "xhz5061jgkj5 aerial work vehicle, xhz5107jgkq5 aerial work vehicle, xhz5132jgkq5 aerial work vehicle, xhz5250txqd5 wall cleaning and car washing"

on site of the appraisal meeting

this appraisal committee includes an expert group including Chairman Qi Jun of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and Chairman Wang Donghong of decoration and aerial work machinery branch, and relevant leaders of the science and Technology Bureau of Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone were invited to witness. Ding Jianping, chairman of the company, and Cai Lei, deputy general manager, led the members of the product development team to attend the meeting

the experts at the meeting talked about and found out possible problems. After listening to the product work report, reviewing relevant materials, on-site investigation, prototype demonstration, inquiry and discussion, they finally gave high recognition and evaluation to the four new products and unanimously agreed to pass the appraisal

among them, xhz5107jgkq5 aerial work vehicle and xhz5250txq are both beneficial to the low-speed experiment of conventional materials (metal, cement, concrete, etc.). D5 wall cleaning vehicle has great innovation in structural type and function realization, and the overall technology has reached the international advanced level

production site investigation

(1) xhz5107jgkq5 aerial work vehicle: it has the functions of high and low altitude operation. It can walk with load during low altitude operation. The whole vehicle has strong functions and high operation efficiency, realizing multi working conditions; The control technologies and algorithms such as self loss prevention and platform limit are studied, which realizes the adaptive operation conditions, motion obstacle avoidance and coordinated motion control, and improves the operation safety

(2) xhz5250txqd5 wall cleaning and car washing: it adopts multi-level telescopic boom structure and top multi degree of freedom adjustment mechanism, and adopts low-speed hydraulic walking drive technology, rigid auxiliary walking support technology, chassis axle stability technology. It is suitable for viaduct and building wall cleaning, which can realize continuous operation and high work efficiency

(3) xhz5061jgkj5 aerial work vehicle: it adopts a multi section folding and telescopic hybrid boom structure, which maximizes the space utilization. It has the advantages of strong obstacle crossing ability, low vehicle driving height and good trafficability. It is mainly aimed at workplaces with narrow space and complex working conditions

(4) xhz5132jgkq5 aerial work vehicle: it adopts the structure of hybrid arm and additional crank arm, which is flexible and has strong spatial adaptability. It has made a breakthrough in the platform control power supply system, the signal transmission between the platform and the turntable, and the vehicle limiting method, realizing the platform to meet the full-time continuous operation and high reliability

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