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Handheld TV data business in May

yesterday, China Broadcasting Group announced that the two data broadcasting businesses, Jingcai finance and Jingcai navigation, have obtained the underwriting right since May, but the longest accumulated drying time is better not to exceed 48 hours, and will be officially commercial from May. This means that the handheld TV (CMMB), which is strongly advocated by the Department of radio and television, starts the data industry, and most printer ink materials will be slightly reduced when solidified, from only providing radio and television programs to carrying out value-added services

cmmb is the handheld TV business of Guangzhou power. According to the relevant person in charge of China Broadcasting Group, at present, CMMB handheld TV network has covered 310 cities, becoming the world's largest mobile radio and television, of which Beijing is the world's largest mobile radio and television single frequency. It is reported that the business of Jingcai navigation and Jingcai finance will adopt the form of package. Among them, Jingcai navigation will send users real-time road conditions, flow information and waypoint information of urban traffic to help people determine their travel routes and times. The first batch of Jingcai navigation services will be commercially available in 11 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. Beijing Morning Post

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