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Lashou will open "12315 green channel" in 17 cities

on March 6, Niu Lihua, vice president of lashou, said that lashou is about to open "12315 green channel" in 17 key cities across the country to establish a model of urban consumers holding hands, so as to provide better and better services for consumers

Niu Lihua believes that "12315 green channel" is not only a brand, but also a simple honor. Behind it, a strong customer service system is needed to undertake and solve consumer complaints. "Handshake has opened an activity for the whole staff to learn relevant laws and regulations this year, because we need to improve our service awareness and professional level, so as to effectively serve consumers."

at the symposium, Niu Lihua introduced in detail the "12315 green channel" opened by lashou: "lashou requires ordinary consumers to complain to the supervisor 24 hours during the operation process. ISRI initially planned to visit China to learn more about" national sword " Information Department platform docking, 100% effective solution; 48 hours for major complaints, and no more than 72 hours for group investment and group complaints, effectively connecting merchants and users; After the qualification review, the hand in hand will provide goods to consumers. If businesses have subsequent service problems, the hand in hand will bear them. "

at the same time, Niu Lihua introduced that lashou has built a pyramid service system internally, and the 600 seat call center can receive calls from consumers at the first time. At the same time, lashou has set up a complaint center, which will transfer the complaint information to the headquarters complaint center, and if there is a major event complaint, it should also be transferred to the consumer rights and interests protection department. "For businesses and consumers, we should be honest, and for consumers, we should also have innovative technology and high-quality services", Niu Lihua said

finally, Niu Lihua made a solemn commitment by holding hands: "The handle must insist on doing a good job in the protection of consumers' rights and interests, and must provide consumers with high-quality and affordable goods; the handle must provide consumers with all the products with the best quality after manual review. 4. While regularly checking the screws in the jaw, it must also provide the whole follow-up service; the handle must insist on making compensation in advance, as long as the consumers who produce consumption and purchase behavior on the handle have a handle platform to give Consumer protection. "

this symposium was guided by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the China Consumer Association, hosted by China consumer daily 5, oil box, and co organized by Beijing lashuoluo Technology Co., Ltd. to explore the safety and integrity problems in the online shopping market, and is committed to promoting the benign development of the industry

it is understood that handshake has always been aiming at "integrity, innovation and service", constantly optimizing the user experience, and advancing with the times to launch new service strategies. At present, the 12315 green channel has been opened in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Wuhu, Hefei and other places, and the green channels in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu and other places are under active preparation. Cctime flying elephant

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