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Handan has invested 31.8 billion yuan in five years to build a three-dimensional large-scale transportation pattern

Handan has invested 31.8 billion yuan in five years to build a three-dimensional large-scale transportation pattern

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during the 12th Five Year Plan Period, we can expand manufacturing and control its microstructure. Handan is based on its unique geographical advantages. Given that China is the largest export market of U.S. waste, it vigorously implements the transportation leading strategy, and coordinates civil aviation, railways, highways Passenger transport and other transportation modes have accelerated the pace of comprehensive transportation development, built a three-dimensional transportation pattern, and created a new situation for the development of the transportation industry

looking back at the "12th Five Year Plan", Handan has the largest investment in transportation construction and the fastest construction speed. A total of 31.8 billion yuan was invested in the five years, which is 1.35 times that of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, of which nearly 10 billion yuan was invested every year in 2012 and 2013. With groups of exciting data and solid and powerful footprints, Handan transportation has outlined the track of development and leap forward in the 12th Five Year Plan

infrastructure construction has advanced by leaps and bounds

key highway projects have achieved remarkable success. Handan Dalian Expressway was completed and opened to traffic, realizing "county to county expressway". At the same time, a fast channel connecting Southern Hebei and Shandong was formed, and another large channel to the sea was built in Handan, which effectively improved the travel conditions of counties and districts in the southeast of Handan and promoted the economic and social development of the city; The two-way eight Lane expansion and reconstruction of the Handan section of the Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway has been completed and opened to traffic, realizing the closure of the outer ring of the city's expressway, which is of great significance for Handan to accelerate its integration into the national strategy of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration

the adjustment of trunk roads has achieved fruitful results. In the layout plan of ordinary trunk roads in Hebei Province approved by the provincial government during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Handan city has a total of 24 trunk roads (sections) with 1092 kilometers transferred, including 4 Chinese roads and 20 provincial roads (sections), which are in the forefront of the province. After adjustment, the trunk roads in the city will reach 2448 kilometers, and the road density will reach 20.4 kilometers/100 square kilometers (the provincial average is 16.1 kilometers/100 square kilometers)

the construction of ordinary trunk roads has made steady progress. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, many ordinary trunk highway projects such as 309 National Highway and Guangfu tourist road were implemented. The mileage of first-class highway in Handan has been the first in the province for many years, which has improved the service capacity of trunk lines in the city and strengthened the connection with surrounding municipal roads. At the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the highway mileage will be increased from 13800 kilometers at the end of the 11th five year plan to 16000 kilometers of high-precision strain gage force sensing, which is 116% of the end of the 11th Five Year Plan; The density increased from 113.7 km/100 square kilometers to 133.3 km/100 square kilometers, which is 117% of that at the end of the eleventh five year plan

the accessibility level of rural roads has been significantly improved. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, a total of 4300 kilometers of rural road livelihood projects such as helping villages, village roads, hardening of main streets, and Duantou road were completed, gradually realizing the transformation from "tree" to "shape" of rural public roads, basically eliminating dangerous bridges above medium bridges in county and township roads, taking the lead in creating a "road separation" road win-win management model, and promoting it in the province

the construction of integrated passenger transport hub takes the lead in the province. The city has built a total of 2 first-class passenger stations and 4 second-class passenger stations, including passenger transport hub centers, to achieve full coverage of passenger stations above the second level in the county, and to achieve seamless connection and efficient transfer of civil aviation, high-speed rail, long-distance passenger transport, urban public transport, taxis, social vehicles and other transportation modes

new breakthroughs have been made in the construction of logistics parks. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Handan International Dry Port Logistics Park, Hebei Wu'an bonded logistics center, Wanhe Matou comprehensive logistics center, Hebei Dayu logistics sea railway land port project and other projects that can cover highway, railway and air freight link services have been completed one after another, which will move the port function inward, realize the interaction between Handan inland city and coastal ports, and provide more efficient, high-quality Low cost logistics services

civil aviation construction has reached a new level

the second phase expansion project of Handan airport is a key planning project of Handan City in the 12th Five Year Plan. The second phase expansion project passed the completion acceptance on December 12, 2013 and was officially put into operation and opened on February 5, 2015. The speed valve has been opened and the oil supply has been unscrewed in a counterclockwise direction to lift the piston from the bottom of the cylinder and connect to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Haikou, Chengdu and other routes, It marks that Handan airport has taken a solid step towards the international airport of the central city at the junction of the four provinces

the total investment of the second phase reconstruction project is 120million yuan. The expansion project includes extending the runway to the southwest by 400 meters, with the total length increasing from 2200 meters to 2600 meters; A new vertical connecting road, 142 meters long; 28000 square meters of new apron will be built, and the capacity of apron stands will be expanded from the previous three to seven; Add a set of "precision approach navigation system"; New freight area, covering an area of 1700 square meters; The fire station will be expanded by 900 square meters, and the fire protection level of the airport will reach level 6

before the expansion of phase II, the aircraft can "land blindly" only when landing at Handan airport from north to south. However, due to different weather conditions such as wind direction, the aircraft sometimes needs to land from south to north. After the second phase expansion, this system is available on both the north and south sides of the runway of Handan airport, realizing two-way "blind landing", which improves the safety of aircraft landing under complex meteorological conditions. In addition, the expansion of phase II has increased the freight function. With the official opening of air freight in June 2015, the speed of logistics freight in Handan has been greatly improved, and the freight volume has increased steadily. At present, goods transported by Handan airport can arrive in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu on the same day

the second phase construction of the airport has effectively alleviated the demand for passenger throughput in Handan and the traffic pressure in Handan, achieving a passenger throughput of 300000 person times/year and a cargo handling capacity of 200 tons/year. It has successfully achieved a zero breakthrough in freight transport, and the passenger transport growth rate ranks in the forefront of the national feeder airports

great achievements have been made in railway construction

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Handan railway construction has made great achievements, with a total investment of 17.1 billion yuan. "Two stations of the fourth line (Handan Changsha, Handan Jinan, Handan Huang, Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway) (Handan railway station, Handan East High Speed Railway Station) All six railway projects have been completed and put into operation. The railway operation mileage in Handan city has been increased from 503 kilometers to 939 kilometers, and the scale has nearly doubled. The annual collection and distribution capacity of the railway has been increased from 109 million tons to 610 million tons, which is nearly six times larger. Handan has been upgraded from a station on the Beijing Guangzhou line to a railway hub in the border area of four provinces

the Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway project is the "No.1 Project" in the province. The Handan section is 77 kilometers long, and the total investment of the project is estimated to be 8.8 billion yuan. The construction was started in January 2009 and officially opened on December 28, 2012. In the construction process, the completed investment, project image progress and project quality of Handan section of Beijing Guangzhou high speed railway ranked first in Hebei section. At present, Handan east railway station, which has been completed and used, has become a larger station in the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway prefecture level city, with seven arrival and departure tracks, three platforms and an area of 16000 square meters. It is the largest station in Hebei Province except Shijiazhuang and a high-speed railway station with departure capacity

the functional orientation of the expansion and reconstruction project of Han Chang and Han Ji railway is an interregional trunk railway focusing on coal transportation and giving consideration to local passenger and freight transportation. Handan is 236 kilometers away, with an investment of about 7.37 billion yuan. On October 21, 2014, the capacity expansion and reconstruction project of Han Chang railway and Han Ji railway was completed, realizing the connection of Han Chang railway with Han Ji railway and Taijiao railway. The opening of the double track of Han Chang railway and Han Ji railway marks the full formation of the Shanxi Hebei Shandong Henan Railway. On December 30, 2014, the capacity expansion and reconstruction project of Han Chang and Han Ji railway was electrified, marking the completion of the capacity expansion and reconstruction project of Han Chang and Han Ji railway after four years of hard work and unremitting efforts. Therefore, the annual transportation capacity of Handan Changsha railway can be increased from 19 million tons to 200 million tons, and the annual transportation capacity of Handan Jinan railway can be increased from 20 million tons to 180 million tons. As an economic lifeline of Handan City, it plays an important role in supporting the economic development of Handan City

the newly-built Han Huang railway line is a regional trunk railway with coal transportation as the main part and customer freight as the auxiliary part. It starts from Handan (Xingtai) and passes through Hengshui and Cangzhou to Huanghua port area, with a total length of 429 kilometers. Handan city is 69 kilometers long, with a total investment of 1.957 billion yuan. Among them, a 53 kilometer long Handan Jinan connection line is built from Jize to Feixiang, with three stations in Feixiang north, Caozhuang and Jize. The railway was completed on December 28, 2013 and officially opened on November 25, 2014. On November 29, the first train of iron ore of Handan Hengheng steel was transported from Huanghua port to Lin village, Handan. After the official operation of Handan Huanghua railway, Handan has added a new nearest channel to the sea. The transportation distance of goods in Handan through Huanghua Port will be 148 kilometers closer than that through Tianjin port, 280 kilometers closer than that through Qingdao port, 355 kilometers closer than that through Rizhao Port, and 530 kilometers closer than that through Yantai port, greatly reducing the transportation costs of relevant enterprises in Handan, Southeast Hebei, and central and southern Shanxi, forming a new logistics pattern around the Bohai Sea

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