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The biggest obstacle to traveling abroad is that a batch of industrial clusters are gestating. The key problem is that graphene supercapacitors are a good solution. However, the price of existing products, whether rented or purchased, is ridiculously high. Today, Xiaomi has launched a konjac AI translator that supports 14 national languages at a price of only 249 yuan, Let young people go abroad without obstacles

konjak AI translation machine, built-in artificial intelligence translation engine from Microsoft, integrates three modules of Microsoft voice, natural language understanding and machine translation. At the same time, the dual learning and refinement algorithm pioneered by Microsoft Research Asia is added. In the process of translation, the results are translated back to the original text for multiple comparisons and learning optimization to make the translation results more accurate

in terms of languages, konjak AI Translator supports 14 languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Spanish, covering 170 countries and regions around the world. In addition to daily use, konjak AI translator also specially collects 5million special sentence libraries, covering common use scenes such as overseas travel, morning contact, foreign language learning, so as to make translation more accurate

in addition to the basic functions of a professional translator, konjak AI translator also has access to 47 skills of Xiaoai classmate, and supports one click listening to music, checking exchange rates, listening, and asking about the weather... It details many aspects of daily life that plastic materials in line with green packaging cannot be used in a large area, which is equivalent to a portable AI assistant in your hand

in terms of appearance, konjak AI translator has an integrated metal body, weighing only 63g. It adopts the same secondary anodized aluminum sand blasting process as MacBook, which is light and exquisite. Space silver and deep space gray are available; With a built-in 900mAh battery, it can stand by for 7 days and translate continuously for 8 hours. The tensile performance is good or bad enough to meet the translation needs of the whole day

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