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Hand in hand with the national innovation center, Dongtu technology's "software defined car" is coming

at present, smart cars have become an important national strategy, and smart cars have become an important application field of industrial interconnection technology. For the field of new energy vehicles, with the enhancement of 5g mobile communication, navigation system, sensing technology, intelligent transportation, energy infrastructure and other related technologies and industrial advantages, the information interconnection between vehicles, roads and energy will be realized in the future

local auto brands are finding their own advantages in the competition with international brands: autonomous and controllable auto electronic architecture, intelligent auto controller and auto operating system will become the highland of intelligent auto technology competition in the future

in May 2020, Beijing Dongtu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongtu Technology) and Beijing New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the National Innovation Center) signed the strategic cooperation agreement on automotive electronics and automotive operating system. The two sides are committed to jointly developing intelligent vehicle controllers, central customs and other products and solutions in the field of automotive electronics through in-depth strategic cooperation, China is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. The technological advantages of Dongtu technology, such as operating system, network communication and bus chip, will be transformed into a new generation of automotive electronic architecture products that are independently controllable in China, so as to create an autonomous and controllable industrial ecosystem of automotive electronic core technology in China

Dongtu technology has strong advantages in network communication products, communication chip and bus design. The industrial interconnection platform based on software definition control and process, from communication chip, bus and control network, control server, operating system, to application software, has achieved all independent research and development, and won the first prize in the first China Industrial interconnection competition in 2019

the national innovation center is the first national new energy vehicle technology innovation center that the bulletproof material of the Ministry of science and technology is used by RCS company to promote the construction on the rigid plates of amurtm 3600 and 3610 models. The two sides have a high degree of agreement on the evolution direction of software defined vehicles, the understanding of the development trend of the automotive industry, the technical route and other views, and have broad cooperation space and important significance in promoting the technical guidance and engineering practice of software defined vehicles

this strategic cooperation will further consolidate the technical reserves of Dongtu technology in the field of intelligent vehicles, accelerate the development and application of the company's industrial interconnection products and solutions in the field of intelligent vehicles, and help the core control system of China's intelligent vehicles from replacing all parts to replacing the integrated block system on the printed wiring board for localization and sustainable development iteration. In the future, the two sides will mobilize and give full play to their resource advantages to jointly promote the implementation of the software defined automobile industry and achieve win-win development

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