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Hand in hand with China, let's go further together - China lubricants large terminal overseas travel grand opening

hand in hand with China, let's go further together - China lubricants large terminal overseas travel grand opening

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every spring and summer, China lubricants will always create a massive activity in the industry, which will make peers look at it one after another. In May this year, Zhonghua lubricating oil began to make things again! They organized the owners and families of nearly 2000 terminal repair plants across the country to take them on a trip to Singapore and Malaysia

China terminal travel abroad to transmit happy culture

from 2015 to this year, China lubricants has been engaged in overseas travel activities for four years. In these four years, more than 10000 people have participated in China terminal travel abroad

every overseas trip of China is a cultural transmission and a perfect inspiration of the "Happy China" corporate culture at the terminal. Through organizing tourism activities, China has cultivated a group of loyal fans, who are very recognition of the Chinese brand and the market concept of China, and they have become a solid supporter of China

the annual overseas travel activities in China are not only sightseeing, but also accompanied by technical and market training, so that everyone can learn some knowledge while playing. More importantly, China's "wanjiayun store" strategy allows these end customers of traditional channels of lubricants to find a suitable way to explore the automotive post market in the new commercial era

for the terminal repair factory, the most meaningful thing to participate in the tourism activities in China is to learn the service attitude of the Chinese people. After the annual overseas travel activities, China's terminal partners feel at home. They can feel the service of aluminum alloy cable products on the Chinese market, which are about 60% lower than the national standard copper cable price, in every detail. This Chinese style service is being learned by Chinese terminal partners and applied to daily operations

2015 Hantai tour

2016 South Korea Japan cruise

2017 romantic Yazhuang tour

Singapore and Malaysia have beautiful scenery, and the Chinese people are more beautiful

Singapore and Malaysia are two countries with great customs in Southeast Asia, and they all have their own characteristics. Singapore is a typical garden city. This kind of city is the local customs of a country, which is unique and fascinating

as an Islamic country, Malaysia can be said to be very exotic, and Chinese end partners will definitely experience different customs here

Singapore and Malaysia have deep ties with China. When Chinese end partners travel in Singapore and Malaysia, they will certainly see many traces left by Chinese people

of course, the scenery of Singapore and Malaysia is beautiful, and you who participate in large-scale terminal overseas tours in China are even more enviable. I think that the recent lubricant circle and automotive aftermarket service circle will be frequently brushed by your happy figure

and in your own circle of friends, you will also make more fellow repair shop partners envy

join hands with China colorform technology to combine injection molding and reactive process machinery in one China, so that we can go further together

join hands with China, so that we can go further together. This is the slogan of China 2018 Singapore Malaysia tour and the aspiration of all Chinese end partners

in fact, it is not only tourism activities that work hand in hand with China, but also in daily business, China's terminals have formed a close relationship with China company. Recently, China lubricants has joined hands with demonstration cloud stores across the country to organize online and offline marketing activities. Is it not a case that terminals have joined hands with China to go further

the annual overseas travel activities are like a link, which closely connects China with their general dealers and terminal partners, forming an enviable manufacturer relationship

Zhonghua lubricant, in its unique way, has created an enviable manufacturer relationship in the industry, built a solid business network, benefited all parties in this network, and has a cornerstone to go further together

the first group of China new Malaysia tour gathered and set out

read the beautiful scenery of the world and see the prosperity of thousands of miles with China

industry comments:

nowadays, all industries are talking about "consumption upgrading". In the automotive post market, its essence lies in the increasingly personalized and diversified needs of users, which is an upgrade from the era of price consumption to the era of value consumption. End users have gradually shifted from the past functional and practical consumption mode to a sense of quality, ceremony and participation The influence of personalized and customized high-level requirements and body friction coefficient on bolt clamping force. When "marketing" is upgraded to "communication" and "brand positioning" is upgraded to "brand characteristics", it can be predicted that lubricant brands that understand terminals, have feelings and are more distracted are destined to go further

"walk fast alone, and others walk far". In years of market practice and terminal feedback, we have seen that with the constantly upgraded tourism routes and expanding participation groups, the tourism marketing strategy of Zhonghua lubricating oil has successfully won a large number of loyal fans for it, which not only makes Zhonghua establish a close emotional bond with its dealer partners and end market users, but also enhances brand loyalty and cohesion, and is characterized, differentiated The brand concept of meticulous service "soft power" and "Happy China" has become a shining business card in the industry. "Whether the products and services are good or not is up to the users' the final say". We hope that China will continue to work with the terminals with ingenuity, give play to the "affinity" of its own brand, and go further in the new era of consumption upgrading

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