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Analysis on the development trend of China's power industry: the sharp decline in the profits of thermal power enterprises has directly driven the year-on-year decline in the profits of power generation enterprises.

the latest research report shows that the main business income of China's power enterprises increased rapidly in 2017, and the total assets of power supply enterprises above Designated Size nationwide were 58000 million yuan, an increase of 4.9% over the previous year. At the same time, thermal power profits fell sharply

according to the "analysis report on the market outlook and investment strategic planning of China's power industry" issued by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the high-end film blowing quality has won the favor of high-end commodity packaging ", in 2016, the total investment completed by major power enterprises nationwide increased by 3.3% year-on-year. Under the guidance of the national power distribution construction and transformation action plan and a new round of rural power transformation and upgrading policies, power investment increased by 16.9% year-on-year

the China Electricity Council recently released the 2018 annual development report of China's power industry, summarizing the development of friction coefficient function power in China in 2017. According to the survey of China Electricity Council, in 2017, the main business income of China's power enterprises increased rapidly due to the rapid growth of power consumption driven by factors such as macroeconomic stability and improvement, the improvement of industrial production situation, and the accelerated promotion of electric energy substitution

at the same time, the profits of thermal power enterprises fell sharply. Affected by factors such as the sharp rise in the price of power coal and the increase and decrease in market trading volume, thermal power enterprises above the national scale achieved a profit of only 20.7 billion yuan, a decrease of 83.3% over the previous year, directly driving the profit of power generation enterprises to decline by 32.4% year-on-year

according to the survey of China electricity Union, by the end of 2017, the total profit of the power business of the five power generation groups was 31billion yuan, a decrease of 64.4% over the previous year; Among them, Huo re lost 13.2 billion yuan in the clean hydraulic shaft electric business, and the overall loss of Huo re equipped with easydo mobile control box electric business occurred again after 2008

CEC said that in 2018, it will continue to promote the structural reform of China's power supply side, focus on solving the problems of safe and stable operation of power, consumption of clean energy, operating difficulties of coal and power enterprises, weak ability to ensure clean development, stagnation of nuclear power development, continue to accelerate the reform of power, expand the proportion of electricity market-oriented, and strive to achieve the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the power industry

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