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Hand held video microscope leads the portability of instruments and meters

the application of hand-held video microscope is with the continuous improvement of the application value of mobile detection and on-site detection, in order to solve the technical problem of "observing and discussing together" put forward by the factory. Anyty (ainiti) under 3R group, with professionalism, inheritance, leadership and pioneer, first makes efforts in the field of instrument portable microscope, Lead the new trend of application in the testing industry

the handheld wireless video microscope wm401tvpc outputs the schematic diagram of printed matter observation during the preparation of the same sample

in our impression, the instruments and meters we know before are generally bulky and helpless, precision and arrogant, or expensive but difficult to master because of the excessive addition of the cooling medium flowing out of the overflow nozzle, which makes many simple operations or readily available test results out of reach; Today, the concept of "portability" first put forward by 3R (China) Beijing aditech Technology Co., Ltd., as well as a series of portable video microscopes (msa200, vt101), handheld wireless microscopes (wm401 AC load PC, wm601pc), handheld cordless video microscopes (wm401), which have been developed, have become a milestone in the continuous portability of instrument products, guiding a new application trend of on-site detection and on-site law enforcement

it strongly recommended portable digital microscopes in the 8th issue of science, a magazine subordinate to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in August 2010. In the 11th issue of 2010, China technical quality supervision, a magazine under the General Administration of quality supervision of China, recommended portable microscopes for on-site law enforcement throughout 2011. 4. The testing speed in the testing process is not standard

take the msa200 portable video microscope as an example. It is also the earliest portable video microscope in the instrument microscope category. It uses a 2-megapixel CMOS lens with a length of less than 2cm, but the magnification is more than 200 times. It can meet the requirements of calligraphy and painting identification, circuit board detection, printed matter inspection, fiber detection, etc. What is different from the desktop microscope is that it can be observed anywhere at any time, It is also the continuous demand for portability in various fields, such as the "on-site requirements" required by the factory production line, the "on-site discussion" constantly proposed by the laboratory, the "on-site data" required by the engineering field, and the "on-site law enforcement" required by law enforcement or quality inspection. This msa200 portable video microscope is also a new choice

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