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Handan City: the government signed a contract with the paint factory to control the small advertisements

Handan City: the government signed a contract with the paint factory to control the small advertisements

August 13, 2007

[China paint information] the littered small advertisements are like "psoriasis" flooding in China's metropolises. How to treat this stubborn disease is the same problem faced by many cities in China at present. Congtai district government of Handan City boldly introduced the market mechanism in the process of treating urban "psoriasis", and handed this "burden" to a paint company, which achieved unexpected treatment results. Recently, Handan city held a special on-site observation meeting to deal with illegal small advertisements in Congtai District, and promoted this practice in five districts of the city and Handan county

advantages of enterprises in cleaning up small advertisements

the hydraulic experimental machine area manually controlled by a series of platforms has a special geographical location and is the political and commercial center of Handan city. Compared with rows of high-rise buildings and beautiful streets, the small advertisements of handling certificates, issuing invoices and public relations recruitment are more dazzling

facing this "psoriasis" like urban problem, what should the government do? After some operation, on April 2 this year, led by the government of Congtai District, the urban management and Supervision Brigade of Congtai district signed a contract with Handan Jieli nano paint factory to take the lead in establishing a market-oriented operation mechanism to deal with illegal small advertisements in the city

"it turns out that we patrol the streets almost every day, stop people from doodling and pasting small advertisements, and sometimes carry out large-scale cleaning and scrubbing activities." Lian Jing, deputy leader of the urban management brigade of Congtai District, said that relying on this centralized and stormy method, the effect was obvious at that time, but it was difficult to maintain for a long time. Some places were just cleaned up during the day, and someone repainted them that night. In addition, due to the limited number of urban management and law enforcement personnel, they have to do other work, so it is impossible to devote all their energy to the management of small advertisements

now, according to the agreement between the two sides, the work of cleaning up small advertisements has been handed over to the paint factory, which will set up a professional cleaning team to implement 24-hour cleaning. The agreement also specifies the scope and standards of cleaning, the most important of which is to restore the primary color after removal, so as to ensure that there is no phenomenon of treating "psoriasis" into "vitiligo". The relevant person in charge of urban management in Congtai district said that they chose the paint factory instead of other housekeeping or cleaning companies because they were interested in the paint factory's ability to produce paints of various colors and the convenience of restoring the primary color of buildings and public facilities

it is reported that the urban management of Congtai district has to pay the paint factory 26000 yuan a month, but it is not easy for the paint factory to get this money. Because after 8:30 a.m. every day, the personnel of the urban management and supervision team will go to the street for random inspection from time to time. If the phenomenon of pasting and spraying small advertisements is found, the paint factory will be punished, of which the main road will be fined 3 yuan, the secondary main road will be fined 2 yuan, and the small street will be fined 1 yuan

it is reported that over the past few months, the urban management and Supervision Brigade has deducted more than 1000 yuan from the paint factory. Because the money is directly linked to personal income, which has greatly improved the enthusiasm and heart of the cleanup team members. Now, it is basically achieved that "there is no small advertisement during the day". Lian Jing joked that he only fined 2 yuan these days in early August. Now it's not easy to find a small advertisement

it is not easy to clean up small advertisements

after taking the job of cleaning up illegal small advertisements in Congtai District, Handan Jieli nano coating factory quickly set up a professional cleaning team of 45 people, which was divided into 10 groups and a mobile team. They go to work at 12:30 p.m. every day, and get off work at 8:30 a.m. the next day. The mobile team goes to the street to inspect and accept during the day, erasing the missing small advertisements

"we're a little idealistic. We think it's easy to clean up small advertisements, but it's not that simple." Chen Min, the deputy manager of the paint factory owner's small advertising business, told them that at the beginning, they were subjected to a crazy "challenge" from those who published and wrote small advertisements: you clear it here, and he pastes and scribbles there; Some of them also openly sprayed on the wall, "wipe and write, and see who works fast?" "We will revenge you" and other words. Later, with the cooperation of the police, several graffiti advertisers were caught. As soon as the police asked, they knew that because they didn't clean overnight, small advertisements could not play the role of "advertising", which made them unable to survive. In order to deal with the small advertisement cleaning team in Congtai District, the price of spraying a small advertisement in Congtai district is much higher than that in other places, suddenly rising from 0.2-0.5 yuan to 0.8-1 yuan, but few people come to work

another problem in front of the paint factory is that when the hired cleaners stop the illegal pasting and spraying of small advertisements, people see you as an ordinary people, who are not afraid or discouraged at all. Sometimes some stores along the street paste small advertisements in violation of regulations in order to recruit personnel, rent, transfer, etc. Because it involves personal interests, when workers clean up, they are often rejected, even abused and beaten, and sometimes they are "caught" into the police station as thieves at night

in order to solve this problem, the government of Congtai District, in addition to increasing publicity, has also established a leading group for the marketization of illegal small advertisements, with the head of the district as the team leader and the departments of urban management and supervision, city appearance and environmental sanitation, love health, public security and other departments as member units, to coordinate and supervise relevant work. In addition, the district urban management and Supervision Brigade specially issued the work permit of "Congtai District illegal advertising picket team" to 45 cleanup workers, which improved the identity of cleanup workers and greatly facilitated their work

problems faced by market-oriented operation

in the interview, many citizens praised that Congtai district is indeed very different from the original, "HuaMian wall" has been cleaned, but recently they found that there are more small advertisements on the road and in the family courtyard than before

director Guo of Congtai District Urban Management Bureau said that this should be the result of the large-scale transfer of illegal small advertisements, which was also unexpected. Since this new problem did not appear when signing the contract with the paint factory at that time, the small advertisements on the road were not listed in the agreement, and now they are actively trying to find a way. At the same time, director Guo also said that the illegal small advertisements in the family homes are not within the scope of urban management responsibilities, and the government needs to coordinate who should be in charge

in fact, lux research, the most industrial intelligence agency, recently released a report saying that what worries the urban management department is the source of funds. It is reported that according to the agreement, Congtai district needs to invest nearly 320000 yuan a year to clean up "small advertisements". Now, a few months ago, the urban management paid in advance, and the financial allocation of the district has not passed the budget. This is also one of the difficulties encountered by other districts and counties. Not long ago, Handan city held a special on-site observation meeting to deal with illegal small advertisements in Congtai District, requiring the promotion of this practice in Handan mountain area, Fuxing District, high-tech Development Zone, Matou Industrial Park and Handan County in the city. But many days have passed, and these districts and counties are still trying to prepare. As of August 12, none of them has moved towards marketization

in addition, the city uses servo valve or proportional valve as the control element for closed-loop automatic control, and the selection of P & G by the management department is not "the emperor's daughter does not worry about getting married". There are not many paint manufacturers in Handan, and if general cleaning or housekeeping companies spend money to buy paint, the cost will inevitably increase greatly. And a person in charge of Handan Jieli nano coating factory also admitted: they have been losing money in cleaning up small advertisements, and they made a small profit after July. If the contract fee is not increased after the expiration of the agreement next year, it will be very difficult for them to operate, but as a project with electromagnetic directional valve, which has good social benefits when it is always energized, they will not give up easily

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