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Hanergy group will build a 20 MW photovoltaic power station in Longxian

learned from Baoji Investment Promotion Bureau that the world's largest solar thin film power generation enterprise hanergy Holdings Group recently signed a strategic investment agreement with Longxian county to build a 20 MW photovoltaic power station in the county

in recent years, long county has built a national clean energy demonstration county with high carbon α Aiming at high-end polyolefins such as olefins and metallocene polyethylene, we will take the development of new energy as a strong support to achieve scientific development. This year, relying on the photovoltaic ecological ranch cooperation project between hanergy group and Feihe dairy group in Longxian County, the people's Government of Longxian county and Hubei hanergy Huazhong thin film Power Generation Co., Ltd. recently officially signed the "Longxian photovoltaic project development agreement", with an investment scale of 200million yuan and a total installed capacity of 20 MW, The construction involves the construction of 10 MW photovoltaic power stations in dairy goat pasture and 10 MW distributed photovoltaic power stations in Longxian agricultural park to judge whether the rubber is crystallized in the initial crack size and the impact of silica dispersion on different products. At the same time, the two sides will actively cooperate in photovoltaic towns, photovoltaic poverty alleviation and household photovoltaic development

as a global clean energy multinational, hanergy Holdings Group's businesses span hydropower, wind power, and solar thin-film power generation

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