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[electromechanical news] the concept of smart home originated very early, but there has been no specific building case. It was not until 1984 that United technologies applied the concept of building equipment informatization and integration to Hartford, Connecticut, that the first "smart building" appeared, which opened the prelude to the world's competition to build smart home. Smart home, also known as smart home, is commonly expressed by Smarthome abroad. Similar to the meaning of smart home are home automation, electronic home, digital home, home network, home network, smart home/building. In Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions of China, there are also terms such as digital home and digital home

smart home, also known as smart home, is a home based platform that uses advanced computer, embedded system and network communication technology to connect all kinds of equipment in the home, including lighting system, environmental control system, network appliances, etc., through the home network, to build an efficient management system of residential facilities and family schedule affairs. Compared with ordinary home furnishings, smart home not only has traditional living functions, but also improves the safety, convenience, comfort and artistry of home furnishings. Therefore, it has become the focus of current home decoration. Generally speaking, each material has corresponding test standards to regulate its tensile test speed

IOT sensing smart home system, based on ZigBee technology protocol, has humanized system design, convenient and flexible installation and operation, and comprehensively creates a "safe, energy-saving, comfortable and convenient" smart home new world for users! Compared with ordinary smart home, it has incomparable advantages in communication reliability, system security, cost economy, construction 14. Report generation: the convenience of U-disk access to computer generation, group convenience, signal clarity, etc. IOT sensor smart home pays attention to optimizing the system cost, while the group is also very flexible and efficient, and the system operation is also stable and reliable, which not only provides high value-added products for real estate developers, At the same time, it also provides users with a safe, comfortable, efficient and convenient living environment

functions and services that smart home can achieve:

1. Handheld service: always connected to the Internet at any time, providing convenient conditions for working at home

2. Security: intelligent security can monitor the occurrence of illegal intrusion, fire, gas leakage and emergency call in real time. Once an alarm occurs, the system will automatically send an alarm message to the user, and start the relevant electrical appliances to enter the emergency linkage state, so as to realize active prevention

3. Intelligent control and remote control of household appliances: such as scene setting and remote control of lighting, automatic control and remote control of electrical appliances, etc

4. cost saving: when you don't need it, the energy consumption equipment at home can be turned off automatically, which can reduce your living expenses

5. linkage control: if the curtain can be opened or closed according to the sunlight intensity

6. one click control of profile: if users can customize the profile, professional construction is not required

7. modern kitchen and bathroom environment: mainly refers to the overall kitchen and overall bathroom

8. intelligent energy saving: if the peak valley differential electricity price is implemented in your area, you can also set the working hours of washing machines and other electrical appliances at night when the electricity price is relatively cheap

9. Automatic maintenance function: intelligent information appliances can directly download and update the driver and diagnostic program from the manufacturer's service fixture through the server. The size of the experimental force that the fixture can bear is a very important indicator of the fixture. The station can realize intelligent fault self diagnosis with small size, beautiful appearance and automatic expansion of new functions

10. Simple installation: the smart home system can be installed simply without destroying the partition wall and buying new electrical equipment. The system can be completely connected with the existing electrical equipment in your home, such as lamps, and household appliances

(source of this article: electromechanical correspondent: Xu Xiuke: Shi Shuifeng

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