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New connections and new computing have added digital wings to industrial upgrading. This new concept proposed in this year's government work report has triggered strong social repercussions once it was announced. Among them, strengthening the construction of new infrastructure is an important content. At the same time, the development of a new generation of information networks and the expansion of 5g applications have also been written into the government work report. 5g, as the top priority of the new infrastructure, has once again become the focus of attention of all sectors of society

high speed, ubiquitous, low power consumption and low delay. These characteristics of 5g determine that 5g is not a simple continuation of 4G, but a revolutionary change. For the new generation of digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, 5g not only provides communication infrastructure, but also is a general technology with wide penetration. Data is the oil of the digital economy era, which is 5g, which can make the acquisition, connection and transmission of data within reach; It is also 5g that can realize the interconnection of all things, making the depth and breadth of data mining endless. There is no doubt that 5g will be a general technology for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, which will promote the industrialization and intelligent transformation of industrial figures in the most widely used types of conventional plastic granulator equipment. At the same time, various new formats, new models and new applications will be born in various industries

relevant data shows that 80% of the traffic in the future will come from the industry, of which 50% will come from industry enhancement, such as smart city based on 5g, telemedicine, etc; 25% comes from industry restructuring, such as intelligent manufacturing based on 5g; Another 25% comes from industry innovations, such as 5g based car service, new tourism and new entertainment brought by vr/ar, etc. for example, the 5g+vr and 5g+4k slow live broadcast methods for the public launched by Huawei in conjunction with CCTV and Migu video not long ago have achieved innovative experiences such as watching Mount Everest in the cloud. It can be seen that the new connection brought by 5g will open a new imagination space for all industries

if the new connection opens up new technologies such as cloud, AI, edge computing, IOT and HD video, and realizes the closed loop of industrial data acquisition, transmission, storage, calculation, analysis and feedback, then computing power and algorithm are the key tools to open up the data treasure mine, which can dig out the intrinsic value of data. This is the charm of new computing. Because single column tensile testing machines often use distributed computing to provide real-time data analysis, where the data is, the calculation is where, so that data, algorithms and computing power, the iron triangle in the era of digital economy, can be fused in real time, so as to lay the foundation for intelligent decision-making. The new connection and new computing not only realize the real-time acquisition and transmission of data, but also realize the real-time calculation and mining of data, which will enable 5g+ intelligence + empowerment to do thousands of industries, and add digital wings to China's economic transformation and upgrading

in fact, new connections and new computing have been applied to industrial upgrading and industrial innovation. During the prevention and control of the COVID-19, Valin Xianggang joined hands with Huawei to realize transnational remote assembly of special steel production lines of Valin Xianggang by using 5g+ar technology, which is also the first time that the domestic steel industry has applied 5g+ar to realize transnational remote cooperation, effectively promoting the efficient resumption of production and production of enterprises; At the same time, 5g+ intelligent crown block based on 5g+ai technology has successfully realized four typical application scenarios, including remote control, unmanned crown block, remote manipulator control and high-definition video monitoring in high-risk areas, and has been put into production. It has played a positive role in improving production efficiency, improving product quality, improving staff working environment, and preventing safety accidents. Similarly, with the help of 5g, AI and other new technologies, COSCO Shipping Port Xiamen hiseas terminal has been successfully upgraded to China's first 5g+ smart port terminal, realizing the full process automation and Intelligent Scene Effect of stacking in the port cargo handling plane transportation yard. It can be predicted that the new connection and new computing will promote the accelerated development of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent car coupling, smart city virtual twins, etc

more importantly, the new connection and new computing bring not only simple physical changes, but also chemical reactions that promote new things. It is a deep digital transformation of government governance, economic operation, production and consumption, and the transformation is the production, decision-making and product form of the industry. In the process of building green water and green mountains, smart water enables data to speak, analyze, think and predict, accurately identify environmental violations, further reduce pollution and improve the appearance of the water environment; In industrial production, every link of the production line is connected through industrial interconnection, so that the production line becomes smarter and more efficient; In the cycle of production and consumption, we can reverse optimize production through the analysis of consumption data, which reflects the new mode of C to B in the current power battery industry debate. In short, the new connection and new computing will make government governance more optimized, economic operation [learning on the road] is a one-year graduation season more efficient, industrial upgrading and industrial digital transformation more rapid, and promote the acceleration of China's economic transformation and upgrading

recently, the height measurement of Mount Everest has attracted widespread attention. Chinese operators rely on the 5g signal of climbing Mount Everest to ensure the live broadcast and coverage of the height measurement of Mount Everest throughout the process. From the 5g signal at the world's highest peak to the new connection and new speed to promote the accelerated development of new infrastructure. In the future, China will take the lead in the next round of scientific and technological revolution, and industrial transformation and intelligent upgrading will also run at a new speed

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