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Penetration marketing: a new concept of marketing

the traditional marketing view holds that enterprises should first choose the target market, develop corresponding products according to the needs of customers in the target market, and then use various promotional means to let consumers know the brand and products. The focus of practical work is to identify marketable products and communicate relevant information with target customers. Although today's marketers still need to deal with these two tasks, it is not enough to do just these. People are getting busier and busier. Consumers have countless choices about what to buy and how to learn about products, services and vendors. Customers' needs have become to buy products with specific characteristics and interests that meet their needs at the price they want. Today's marketing has developed into the so-called penetration marketing. Enterprises are no longer just marketing their products, but entering the world of consumers

the biggest problem raised by small business owners is: "I know I need marketing, but I know how to do it". This is a difficult question to answer, because every enterprise is different, and no strategy can contain everything and always take effect, or apply to all situations. Unfortunately, marketers do not have enough resources to try every marketing strategy. Marketing needs to control their marketing and sales expenses between 15% and 20% of sales. This restriction requires marketers to focus on the market strategy that can bring them huge benefits, and matrix new materials has signed a contract of several million yuan with Shenzhen anenson Technology Co., Ltd., a large domestic molten salt R & D and manufacturer and distributor. In this case, marketers must go deeper and need to understand the customer's world and become a part of their lives. Enterprises need to give up the idea of only treating customers as buyers and treat them as collaborators

the strategy and method of penetration marketing is to intervene in the consumer world from a new perspective. The whole concept building is based on: marketers analyze the needs of consumers, then develop the required products and persuade consumers to buy

in penetration marketing, marketers comprehensively use various means. According to the definition of American marketing expert deborak, penetration marketing is a kind of communication with customers. This kind of communication is an interactive communication from the perspective of customers. This means that marketers must understand where customers usually get information and what form they like through communication. When implementing the penetration marketing strategy, marketers should pay special attention not only to the above two steps, but to gradually align their goals with those of customers and achieve unity

the most important principles to be followed in penetrating marketing strategy are:

1 It occurs frequently in consumers' daily life and has a subtle impact on consumers. That is, carry out non-directional publicity in daily life, and influence consumers by sponsoring various activities, holding special seminars, conducting research and joining industry federations. Remember: marketers don't just care about selling products. They need to promote the common goals of themselves and customers to constantly develop and update

2. Spread the concept of self-service. Consumers no longer believe in the marketing publicity arranged for a product, on the contrary. They hope to provide comprehensive information about its high video frequency, and then make a choice and acquire relevant knowledge at the same time

3. Try your best to be omnipresent. Consumers absorb little information in every contact, so the skill is not to spend money on large-scale advertising, but to establish strategic alliances and partnerships with other companies and customer groups, so as to improve product popularity as much as possible

4. Match the goals of enterprises with those of consumers. When consumers have goals in mind, enterprises should take this as a reference to produce corresponding products

5. Provide the final solution. Consumers like to make their own decisions, but once they have made a decision, they prefer to let others "fix it" for them. If this means that enterprises need to expand production lines, coordinate with other suppliers or add new equipment, then enterprises must do so

6. Focus on the key parts. Among the various factors that constitute consumer demand, there must be some of the most critical elements, and enterprises must invest the most energy in these aspects

7. Be honest. Don't count on customers, thinking that customers will fall into your clever plan. Today's consumers live in a world of open information and cannot be fooled for a long time. Marketers must prove that they are reliable in various ways

8. The biggest danger of using penetration marketing to show respect is that sometimes marketers think they know more than customers. We must keep in mind that it is always the customers who know their needs best. Marketers should always give your "boss" the respect he deserves

penetration marketing requires marketers to have different thinking attitudes: I'm here to help you. The principle to keep in mind is that if the marketing work is not so aggressive, more products can be sold to customers for a longer time, and customers will appreciate the efforts of the enterprise

there are various strategies to implement penetration marketing, and marketers have used these strategies in the past, but in different ways. The key is to penetrate the market in an effective and low-cost way

1. Alliance. It is difficult for a company to meet the personal goal of checking all customers, especially for small companies. Therefore, enterprises need to adopt as many ways as possible to jointly research and develop with other enterprises, groups and organizations of various natures, promote sales and establish a wide range of marketing alliances. If the products of several enterprises complement each other and the target population is the same, they can create a long-term and huge impact at a lower cost through collaboration. This is much more effective than operating alone

2. Collaterals. Network is a very effective marketing tool to spread information to consumers in the form of self-service. At the same time, it is also conducive to more professional cooperation between several companies, joint launch of products and communication with consumers. If you want to catch customers who are widely distributed or difficult to locate, network can be said to be a perfect tool

3. Write a plan. The secret for small enterprises to achieve marketing success at low cost lies in signing more alliances and cooperation agreements. Many small businesses cannot do this because they are more willing to be self reliant, and public opinion tends to advocate self struggle that does not depend on others. A key to penetration marketing is to understand how to complete a plan, which appeals to all the public. Customers will support companies that care about their interests

4. forum. Innovative marketers have been trying to use the method of consumer forums to take the voice of consumers as a reference for plan proposals. Now this practice has been used in a wider range of fields and achieved good results

5. Database marketing. The importance and role of database marketing has been recognized by more and more people. However, it is increasingly important to combine the databases of different companies to obtain more comprehensive information about relevant markets and industries

6. advertising. The biggest difference between the advertising emphasized by penetration marketing and the past is that in advertising, we should strive to provide knowledge to consumers and help them clarify their goals. At the same time, we should promote the brand in a non forced, non promotional and more glorious way. What we pay attention to is the quality of products and products

as pointed out above, these practices themselves will not be new, but the application methods have changed and have been improved to meet the requirements of penetration marketing. Penetration marketing is applicable to enterprises of any form and scale, and provides a solid foundation for enterprises to succeed in the market in today's highly competitive business environment. (end)

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