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Obstacles for Huawei's new consumer electronics giant: brand problems become a stumbling block

from 2004 to 2010, except for Lenovo and products born out of the Shanzhai system, it is almost difficult for you to see real local brands. You can see the shadow of giants such as apple, Samsung and Nokia almost every day. However, since 2011, outside the traditional circle, a new brand power has suddenly emerged in the local market, either wearing a mobile Internet jacket or giants who had been hiding for a long time

Huawei's new face: the new giant of consumer electronics

don't think that Huawei executives are mysterious and low-key. If you pay attention to the Weibo of Huawei terminal chairman Yu Chengdong (Weibo), you may think this person is like a "talker". On Weibo, he often swipes the screen and posts, trying hard to promote Huawei's information to more than 110000 fans

Huawei previously had strict requirements for executives' comments, because most of the time, an equipment manufacturer hiding behind an operator does not need to talk to the general public. Probably you can see some changes in Huawei. Yu Chengdong's identity reveals information. In fact, since last year, Huawei has begun to promote consumer electronics brands to ordinary consumers with unprecedented efforts

let's take a look at the new face of Hua a Z x, J and C values

with the development of environmental protection, Huawei's new face

in fact, Huawei has entered the market for many years, but in the early stage, it was only OEM for operators, which is similar to the by-product of network equipment, and there is basically no information about Huawei

but since twoorthree years ago, it is likely to become the target of capacity reduction. The situation has changed. A senior Huawei terminal executive explained that in the future, the core control point of the entire ICT industry and even social development will be "user experience", while the terminal is the carrier of E) switching power experience. In Huawei's corresponding "cloud management end strategy", the terminal is both an entry and a control point

therefore, Huawei terminals began to transform from B2B to B2C. Now it can't be underestimated. According to the data released by Huawei terminals, in 2011, the sales volume of Huawei terminals reached US $6.7 billion, and the shipment volume was nearly 60million, of which smart computers accounted for about 1/3. According to IDC statistics, ZTE ranked fifth in 2011 with a shipment of 66.1 million units, and the shipment of smartphones was less than Huawei's

however, the first obstacle on the road is the brand problem

in 2010, Huawei released the first series of "Ideos" using its own brand, starting the transformation of Huawei's brand. As Yu Chengdong lamented on his microblog, it is not difficult for Huawei to achieve excellent hardware specifications, performance and quality and become the world's first. The difficulty is to make consumers like it in terms of user experience and get a good reputation

in fact, the difference lies in the brand. In addition to several models customized for operators, Huawei is trying to enhance and strengthen its brand by creating high-quality products. Vision and honor have become two key products for Huawei to test the water

"in the past, Huawei took the customized route of medium and low-end operators, and high-end products were basically blank. Now it takes the high-quality route, and the high, medium and low grades should be made into industry high-quality products in the same grade, paying attention to the comprehensive leading advantages of quality, experience and product performance." Yu Chengdong said

so many fans were surprised to find a strange Chinese brand "Huawei" at this year's Italian Super Cup in Beijing. This is a masterpiece of Huawei at a cost of tens of millions. Huawei's final statistics show that the brand popularity of Huawei terminals has increased rapidly by 6%, the user attention of Huawei terminals in Baidu Index has increased to 55%, and the media attention has increased to 166%

although more and more people know Huawei, compared with other major competitors, Huawei is still a "nobody"

it's no wonder that Yu Chengdong is very depressed. At this CES consumer electronics exhibition, Huawei released the world's thinnest flagship product ascend P1, which Yu Chengdong thought was enough to "shock the world", but in the end, the external reaction still fell far short of his expectations

judging from the current brand planning of Huawei terminals, there are no rules at all. From Ideos to vision to honor and then to ascend, consumers are confused. However, Yu Chengdong said that in the future, it will be unified to ascend series

channel problems

the brand problem in front of Huawei terminals is only one of Yu Chengdong's troubles. What makes him more embarrassed is that a considerable number of his comments on Weibo ask when a certain model will be available. Others directly complained that Yu Chengdong was bragging: "you always talk about Huawei so well that you can't buy it on the market!"

due to Huawei's long-term strategy of bundling operators, sales also rely entirely on operator channels, resulting in a serious lack of coverage of Huawei's own channels and social channels

in 2011, 65% of Huawei's sales were customized or bundled based on carrier channel sales, and only 35% were distributed through retail channels

an embarrassing situation that we have to face directly is that Huawei invested heavily in sponsoring the Italian Super Cup last August and held a grand cloud launch event. According to the general market law, two months after the high-profile launch is the peak period of sales, but the reality is that it really appears in the market. It has been more than two months, and the golden sales period has been missed

a similar "tragedy" was staged again on honor. The official release of honor was in September, 2011, but the launch time has been pushed to November. When the product can be seen on the market, it is December, and the release of Unicom contract version has been in February this year

up to now, there are still users complaining to Yu Chengdong that they can't buy honor at all, whether in the business hall or retail channel. It is understood that even if Huawei's internal employees want to buy a honor, it is not easy. On the contrary, it is more convenient to buy a parallel version from Taobao

many users doubted whether there was a problem with Huawei's production capacity. Then Yu Chengdong clarified that the production capacity was not a problem at all, but the channel. It seems that the complexity of social channels really caught Huawei terminals "unprepared"

how to balance the relationship between operator channels and social channels is also one of the focuses of debate within Huawei. Many employees hope to purchase machines internally at relatively favorable prices. In addition, due to the popularity of Xiaomi (Weibo), making full use of network channels is also one of the ways Huawei considers

however, this idea was strongly opposed by the terminal China region, on the grounds that doing so would expose the bottom line of the price of Huawei terminals. In price negotiations with operators, Huawei terminals would lose their bargaining cards and weight, and eventually lose a lot of money. This debate directly exposed Huawei's left-right rivalry in operator channels and social channels

the market doesn't leave much time for Huawei terminals, so Yu Chengdong's "eager to succeed" mentality is clearly revealed. "There will be no more than five first group companies that can survive in the future. If there is no scale and no scale profits, they cannot survive and grow in the future." The above Huawei terminal people believe that

although the sales volume of Huawei smart devices in 2011 was 20million, which was five times higher than that in 2010, according to the plan of Huawei terminals, this year's smart device shipments will reach 60million to 80million, an increase of 3-4 times. "The consumer electronics market is changing too fast. Although intelligence is a rare opportunity, the time window for overtaking on corners is gradually narrowing." The person said with emotion. First finance

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