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Live broadcast preview | August 28, exclusive visit to "HbA, the world's number one design company in hotel design"

live broadcast preview | August 28, exclusive visit to "HbA, the world's number one design company in hotel design", paint,

live broadcast preview | August 28, Exclusive visit to "HbA, the world's number one design company in hotel design"

August 27, 2020

the three trees health + Interior Design Star Competition jointly launched by American interior design Chinese version and three trees paint Co., Ltd. has been launched on July 17. For more than a month, designers from all over the country have enthusiastically signed up, but also expressed their urgent desire to further understand the details of the competition, which also provides development opportunities for lightweight automotive materials. Therefore, the first warm-up activity of the competition will be specially organized on August 28 - online live broadcast of "exclusive visit to HbA"

in the field of hotel design, HBA is the first design company in the world, and HbA Shanghai office is the fourth largest design office in the world! Li Ying, the judge of the three trees health + interior design star competition, studio HbA | Heshi China principal/hba managing partner, will lead you to visit HbA

American interior design Chinese edition selected four lucky young designers from many young designers who signed up for the three trees health + interior design rising star competition. They are Lin pinyong, co-founder of Taizhou Puyi space design, sun Zhengdong, founder/design director of decoration space design, Hu Yana, director of future space design of vanex, and Chen Li paint, an independent designer. These four designers will carry everyone's expectations and dreams and embark on the mysterious journey of "exclusive visit to HbA" with the Chinese version of American interior design

online live broadcast at 4:00 p.m. on August 28 (Friday), waiting for you to see

scan the QR code above and enter the live broadcast

highlights of live broadcast

in the live broadcast on August 28, teacher Li Ying will lead you to visit HbA office and his personal space, share representative projects of HbA hotel design, and interact with young designers to answer questions and solve puzzles for you

highlight 1: HbA office full of art

Shanghai HBA office

highlight 2: Teacher Li Ying's project "dry goods" sharing

teacher Li Ying will share three representative projects of HbA on the live broadcast of the day, full of dry goods and a rare opportunity to listen! Here is a preview to further improve the market competitiveness. One of the next projects is now confidential, and the other two will be revealed on the scene

Hilton Garden Hotel Sanya

highlight 3: the greatest benefit, face-to-face with the competition judges

the greatest benefit of this warm-up activity is to allow the registered designer to communicate face-to-face with the competition judges, teacher Li Ying. If you have any questions, don't hesitate, ask boldly

teacher Li Ying graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and crafts (now the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University). After working in China for several years, she went to the United States to further study at Virginia Commonwealth University and obtained a master's degree in art. In 2003, he joined HbA San Francisco office with diversified and international design concepts. He personally participated in the design and management of all aspects from design concept to design implementation in every project he led

in 2010, teacher Li Ying returned to China and began to operate and develop Heshi, a brand-new sub brand of HbA, in Shanghai. After the Shanghai headquarters, he established Heshi Beijing and Heshi Guangzhou offices in China. Today, he Shi China, led by him, has rapidly grown into HbA's fourth largest design office in the world. Under his leadership, studio HbA | Heshi multi-year tensile testing machine adopts an all digital, 3-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on neuron self-adaptive PID algorithm, which was awarded the title of "China's top ten interior design institutions" by China Interior Decoration Association. He has also won many honorary awards, including being selected into the list of "top 100 Chinese interior design", "top 10 meritorious figures in Chinese hotel design", "person of the year in Chinese design", and a full member of the "Hall of fame Hall of fame" in interior design

competition system

competition introduction

contestants upload their works to the exclusive space. The jury composed of designer judges + media judges + color agency judges will select the final winners. This competition exclusively introduces the new color palette Library of sankeshu 2020, which ignites the inspiration and creativity of designers! Whether your design is in the imagination stage, the drawing stage, or the old house changes its appearance, the paint of three trees will empower the space

registration qualifications

entries are not limited by real scenes and concepts, and all interior design works can participate. Students from design colleges, design companies and individual designers can sign up voluntarily. The participating designers and design institutions are not restricted by region and country

registration method

fill in the registration information and upload the design work to the entry page. The work must submit the following materials: real project description, owner's background and requirements, design inspiration, design plan, and no less than 10 renderings (jpg format, resolution within 72dpi, 3M)

house type direction

no house type area requirements

competition time

start of the competition

July 17, 2020

collection of works

July 17, 2020 - October 17, 2020

semi finals stage

October 17, 2020 - October 30, 2020, select the top 30 players in the country, and use the 2020 new color card provided by three trees to match the space with new colors

final stage

the top 10

award ceremony will be announced before November 10, 2020

the final award results will be announced on site and the awards will be presented at the end of November 2020 (the landing Award arrangement will be determined according to the epidemic situation)

award criteria

1. The professional design requirements of the registered works meet the relevant national and departmental standards and specifications

2. The registered works should be innovative and forward-looking in combination with customer needs

3. encourage works with outstanding characteristics


the signature of the registered designer shall not exceed 2, and the signature in the former defaults to the main designer of the project

the winners and registrants agree that the organizing committee will publicize and promote the registrants and works in any way, otherwise it will be deemed as automatically giving up the qualification of winning the prize

entry statement

the intellectual property rights of the registered works should belong to the designer himself. The organizing committee will not assume any legal responsibility for the third party to comprehensively improve the quality of the high-level material industry for any dispute about intellectual property rights over the works. The organizing committee has the right to use various media and means of communication (Internet, newspapers, television, exhibition, etc.) to display and publicize the registered works


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this is a design competition that starts from the popularity of the Internet

an interior design competition that "does whatever you want"

a competition that locks in the influence of young designers

there is no threshold, no limit, heroes do not ask the source

beauty, EQ, strength are equally important

waiting for you to join

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